Persistiny. Supporting women where they are.
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Persistiny. Supporting women where they are.

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At Persistiny, we recognize that women continue to perform the majority of caregiving. Caregiving is important, life giving work, which also has tangible effects on our personal and professional lives. Our experience as wives and mothers, as well as our research into the subject, led us to create a space that allows women to continue this important conversation.

We’re so glad you’re here. Read on to learn more about the foundational concepts behind Persistiny and our mission to create a more equitable world for caregivers.

Baking Together

Let’s Talk about Caregiving

Caregiving, unpaid labor, the motherhood penalty, the gender wage gap. These are terms that get thrown around in academic journals, economic studies and angry online posts, but what do they mean and how do they affect the lives of modern women? Let’s start by defining caregiving.

Keeping Track of it All

Keeping Track of it All

We hear it all the time from our friends and see it on social media. Women are frazzled and overwhelmed by everything are expected to do. Whether you stay home full time with your children, or work outside of the home, we know your days and nights are filled with endless tasks. The work you do to care for yourself and others is important and valuable, but sometimes that work gets overlooked.

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Meet Tend

Tend is a brand new journaling app that allows you to track the tasks you do each day as a caregiver. Laundry, check. Dishes, check. Snacks, check. Make sure Grandpa called to schedule his doctor’s appointment, check. Drive kids from A to B, to C, back to A, over to D and then home again, check. It’s sort of like a to do list in reverse.