Whiskey Sours Recipe Challenge

Whiskey Sours

I am beginning to hate the recipe challenge. Even the booze ones are a lot of work. What am I making this week? Whiskey Sours. Okay, let me get in the kitchen and juice a bunch of lemons and I’ll get back to you.

Ready to go? Nope. I need to make simple syrup. Hang on, let me go do that. I’ve never made simple syrup before. What do I store it in? I found a nearly empty wine bottle, drank the wine, rinsed it out then put the syrup in it. Let’s put these things together. Read more



When I was 43, it seemed as if I aged 5 years in the space of one. At first I thought it was because my life was going off the rails but, as it turns out, that wasn’t quite it. After talking to some of my friends it appears this is normal for some people going through their early 40s. For other people, this doesn’t happen. Bully for them, they can skip this post.

Are they gone? Good.

As I was saying, I went through a phase where every time I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror, it was as if a few months had passed yet it had only been one night. And then when that stopped, I started gaining weight. Read more

How I Built This podcast love

How I Built This

It’s another Guy Raz podcast!  In this delightful NPR show, Raz applies his excellent interview skills toward founders of famous companies.  It’s an hour of inspirational storytelling at its finest, as Raz and his guests dig deep into the backstory behind some of our favorite brands and products.  I think the best episodes are of female founders. There are so many inspiring stories of companies created by women, including Bumble, LÄRABAR, Eileen Fisher, Learnvest, Stitch Fix, Radio One, the list goes on and on. After Kate Spade’s untimely death, I listened to the lovely memorial and cried throughout the entire episode.  I also really loved the story of immigrant Tariq Farid, who created Edible Arrangements. Read more

Felicia vs Instagram

Felicia vs. Instagram

I didn’t come to realize my potential for obsessive behavior until recently.  For most of my life I would have called myself “detail oriented” or “forward thinking” or “highly productive”.  These characteristics have typically worked out well for myself and my family. But the dark side of this behavior came into clear focus when we started Persistiny’s social media accounts, particularly Instagram.

I don’t tend toward the controlling or obsessive unless I deem something to be very important or very interesting.  Social media had never fallen into that category for me. Until about a year ago, I only used Facebook and/or Instagram to keep in touch with old friends, to post the occasional humble brag about my kids or to share political articles or funny memes.  I would go days, sometimes weeks without checking my profiles. It was lovely. Read more

to all the business books we sort of read

To All the Business Books We Sort of Read

Whenever I start something new, I get a book about it. So does Felicia. We are nerds, and this is what nerds tend to do. We read up and then we get started. Luckily for us, this new business idea we have is so far outside what we usually do, we would get about halfway through a book then stop because we reached the end of our understanding and had to go do things to catch up to the advice in the book. Read more

Female Founders Fund Talent Crush

Female Founders Fund

An early-stage fund investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent.

That line is taken directly from the Female Founders Fund’s webpage. Sounds like a bunch of feel good bullshit business jargon, doesn’t it? And if the fund failed to deliver, it would be. Read more

Contessa Gartens lemon chicken with satay dip

Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers with Satay Dip

This week is Contessa Garten’s lemon chicken with satay dip. I don’t own a bbq so I couldn’t grill the chicken for this recipe. I have a Cuisinart indoor grill thing that I used instead and it worked great. And I didn’t have to work with open flames so that was good. It’s summer and sweltering so I don’t understand why people want to go outside and stand over smoking hot coals to cook food. That seems something to do in Spring and Fall when it is cooler and the bbq could warm you up.

But whatever. Cooking is a mystery. Read more

when your friends make good business sense

When Your Friends Make Good Business Sense

I went to high school with a large number of smart and very nice girls. I am sure there were mean girls but I was not one of them since, in high school, I was the human equivalent of a golden retriever.

As you know, Felicia and I went to junior high and high school together. We had many friends in common. One of them was (and still is) Christine Mount. When we started Persistiny, Christine’s name came up almost immediately as someone we wanted to work with. She is calm without being listless. And funny and good with money and BONUS knows all the good places to eat.

Christine is also very good at crafts. I am crap at crafts and so is Felicia. We have about an ounce and a half of crafting ability between us. I can kind of sew and one time Felicia made a truly impressive LEGO cake. That about covers it. Read more

TED Radio Hour podcast love

TED Radio Hour

TED talks are the bright side of the internet.  Since the original conference in 1984, the non-profit has amassed a catalogue of tens of thousands of talks on virtually every subject on the planet.  The format is brilliant. Experts in their fields and ordinary people alike have 18 minutes to spread their ideas and TED makes those ideas available for the world to hear.   Read more

flu defeats the focus group

Flu Defeats the Focus Group

For about 7 months, Felicia and I have been trying to set up focus groups to talk about a product we are designing. We came very close right around January but, if you read Monday’s post, you will know that I got the flu (along with thousands of others) and that defeated the focus group.

And we haven’t been able to get back on track since. Read more