Kindred Octavia Butler


Kindred by Octavia Butler is a time travel slave narrative. Yes, you heard that right. One person in one of my many English classes said, “So it’s like a sci-fi Beloved?”

Not exactly. Actually, not at all but if that description will get you to read this outstanding novel then, yes. It’s like a sci-fi Beloved. Go read it. Now. I’ll wait. Read more

Young kid reading book in grass

We Read Too

We Read Too is an app that connects young readers, from little kids to teens, with books written by authors of color featuring characters of color. Developed by Kaya Thomas while she was studying computer science at Dartmouth, the app communicates not only with readers but also with publishers and libraries. “We love to read, too, and want to see ourselves in the stories we read just like anyone else would.” Launched in 2014 when Thomas was only a sophomore (!), We Read Too has been growing steadily with the help of user recommendations that Thomas reviews before adding to the database. Read more

Book with pages shaped as a heart

I Can’t Decide!

I was setting myself up for failure when I thought I could have one single talent crush during a week dedicated to reading. Should I admit failure and just make a list of all my favorite authors with links to each author’s page or wikipedia entry? Read more

Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato Bruschetta

Bruschetta is bread rubbed with garlic and oil and then grilled. It doesn’t have to have chopped tomatoes on it. I did not know that. The version I made of Contessa Garten’s Tomato Crostini with Whipped Feta is a little altered. I completely forgot to buy the cheese which didn’t matter since I don’t own a food processor so I wasn’t going to be able to whip it up anyway. And I refuse to put cheese in my blender. Read more

Girl in field holding books

When You Love to Read

Unlike many people who love to read, I did not read much when I was a little kid. I loved TV (still do) and I loved playing with my sister (Hi Jamie!) and I loved going to the mall with my parents. Read more

Guac with peppers

Monique’s Voice: Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Different people choose to live different lifestyles and one of the ways they express it is through their food choices. I’m pretty sure many of you are familiar with the vegan lifestyle which means to abstain from eating any animal protein or animal by-products, like dairy, butter, and eggs, but a lifestyle referred to as “raw vegan” isn’t as popular. Raw vegans believe that cooking food can destroy its micronutrients and that the cooking process exposes foods to harmful chemicals – which resonated with me. When I began my journey as a raw vegan earlier this year, I really had no idea where to start. This lifestyle means eating uncooked and unprocessed foods – so pasta, rice, bread are all out (noooooooo). So I needed resources and recipe ideas, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I chose to listen to Fully Raw Kristina – I absolutely love her energy and she makes everything look and sound incredible. And Yuri Elkaim – although he’s not 100% raw, I love his realistic down-to-earth approach on intermittent fasting, and he has some pretty bomb recipes too. Through this journey, I’ve really discovered that this is a great way to enjoy what you eat in its most natural form while maximizing its health benefits. Read more

France is a Feast

France Is A Feast

The bulk of France is a Feast is photographs and most of them do not have Julia Child in them. So maybe check this book out from the library before you buy it? I thought the pictures were beautiful, often stark and always technically brilliant. There is also a picture of Julia without her clothes on. I am fine with it but I don’t want you  to go get it then find that picture and think, “Eeeek! She could have told me!” Read more

Lemons background

If you want to make some of the recipes I have been stumbling and bumbling through, then head on over to and start poking around. It is the best recipe webpage I have ever used. It is clean, easy to use, and it isn’t loaded with advertisemtns. I am leaving how badly I misspelled that word because I think you should know what a dunce I can be. Read more

Julia Child Talent Crush

Julia Child

My mom thought Julia Child was silly. When I was a kid, I would watch her show and my mom would yell from the other room, “What is that silly woman yodeling about now?”

I wouldn’t respond. I myself often had no idea what Julia was on about. She talked about wine and cheese parties and coffee and champagne parties (!) and I had never in my life seen or heard of these things. She talked about feeding a hundred people at a party and I couldn’t fathom that many people at one party, let alone making each person their own little omelette. My mom microwaved scrambled eggs. They were just as awful as they sound. Read more

Julia's Queen of Sheba cake recipe

Julia’s Queen of Sheba Cake

Julia’s Queen of Sheba cake is delicious. Let me see if I can find a free clip of Julia making this cake. It’s delightful. She has a tray she puts all the ingredients on so she won’t forget any of them and then almost forgets one. I love her. Here is Julia making her Queen of Sheba. Julia says this is the best chocolate cake you’ve ever put in your mouth. No disrespect intended but Contessa Garten’s chocolate cake I made awhile ago is better. That thing is dangerous. Read more