Judy Chu

I believe that Judge Kavanaugh should be disqualified by his comments on presidential power. Kavanaugh has publicly expressed his belief that the President cannot be criminally charged while in office. Surely Trump was aware of his position when nominating him, which is a conflict of interest as the Supreme Court is almost certain to hear a case involving the Mueller probe.”

If you aren’t from the Los Angeles area, you might not know who Representative Judy Chu (CA-27) is. Unlike another of our local Representative Adam Schiff (who Older Son worked for in both Rep Schiff’s Burbank and DC offices.*) Judy Chu isn’t on the national stage as much. Read more

Black and White Cookies

I really, really, really like it when I let Six pick the recipe. He invariably picks cookies. What a smart boy. I thought these were going to be hard and they weren’t but that is because we didn’t make the two-tone glaze. As we were making the glaze, I told Six that the cookies had half vanilla and half chocolate frosting.

He just looked at me for a few seconds then said, “No.” Read more


A good economy never excuses putting children in cages. I can’t believe there are people who would argue against that statement, but there are. And yet the RNC dares to call us unhinged, as if we are overreacting. On a side note, I appreciate Republicans’ help in naming ourselves, rather like Hillary helped a subset of Trump supporters name themselves deplorables. I wonder if there is now a subset of deplorable Trump supporters who have changed their minds and are now feeling unhinged. They could call themselves unhinged deplorables. The point is, if you aren’t feeling at least somewhat unhinged, you aren’t paying attention. Or your life is your own personal shitshow, which, if it is, I am sorry.  I know how you feel. Read more

The Price of Motherhood Reading Challenge

The Price of Motherhood

I am a social sciences nerd. Give me that data! This book hit on all cylinders for me. The Price of Motherhood is written by Ann Crittenden, former reporter for the New York times, financial writer, lecturer, economics commentator, Pulitzer Prize nominee and mother.  It’s a well researched history and analysis of the impact that motherhood has on the economic and social standing of women. Every page of my copy is covered in notes, highlights, and lots of WTF?! and Really???? Read more

Caregiver Action Network

Caregiver Action Network

Here at Persistiny, we talk a lot about taking care of children but the truth is that nearly 90 million Americans engage in acts of caregiving above and beyond (and often in addition to) what needs to be done to keep our kids healthy. Elderly parents, children (both young and adult) with special needs and many other loved ones require the love and attention of a dedicated caregiver. And that is where Caregiver Action Network comes in.

As I said last week, all of these websites have done an excellent job describing themselves so I am not about to rephrase their work. Here is a portion of the ‘about’ page from Caregiver Action Network’s website:

Read more

Florence Nightingale Talent Crush

Florence Nightingale

Healthcare in America is a mess. Thousands of good people are doing their best to care for their patients as corporations and politicians thrash about, generally making things worse. If it weren’t for America’s nurses, the healthcare system would have fallen to ruin decades ago. One person we have to thank for their good work is Florence Nightingale. Read more

Spaghetti Puttanesca recipe challenge

Spaghetti Puttanesca

Spaghetti Puttanesca sounds dirty. Turns out, it is! Not the dish, that is delicious, but the name. There are a bunch of stories about how the dish came about. Every story seems to agree on three things. Naples as the home of the sauce, sometime in the mid-twentieth century for the time frame of invention and prostitutes. Either the ladies made this highly fragrant sauce to lure in customers or the sauce smells like the docks or…well, then the stories get kind of ugly so we’ll stop there. Read more

Lets talk about caregiving

Let’s Talk About Caregiving

Caregiving, unpaid labor, the motherhood penalty, the gender wage gap.  These are terms that get thrown around in academic journals, economic studies and angry online posts, but what do they mean and how do they affect the lives of modern women? Let’s talk about caregiving by defining what it means.   Read more

working mom shame

Working Mom Shame

A few weeks ago I was walking the halls of my dance studio.  I love getting a chance to watch the little ones glow with confidence as they leap and groove, but I also love watching proud parents light up while watching their kids   I had the opportunity to introduce myself to a mom who is new to the studio and we began chatting. Inevitably the conversation meandered to my own 4 year old son and pre-school. I lamented the shortage of schools that offer year-round and full time care in our community.  The response: “Yeah… I made the choice to stay home and raise my children, so I never had to worry about that.”

THUNK… There it was… working mom shame.   Read more

Good and Mad Reading Challenge

Good and Mad

Sometimes the books I pre-order match what is happening in my life. Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister is one of those books. I think this is a book that will engender many different reviews and reactions. Read more