A Study in Scarlet Women

Sherry Thomas is one of my favorite authors. Anyone who has read a lot of these reading challenges will recognize that phrase. I have a lot of favorite authors. Nerds generally do. A Study in Scarlet Women is the first book in Thomas’ The Lady Sherlock Series.

As I said earlier this week in the No Sh#t, Sherlock post, I really love the characters Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created in…was it 1895? I don’t know. Look it up, you are probably reading this on a device that allows you to do so.

Sorry. I’m book grumpy. I just finished all the books available in the Lady Sherlock series and the new one won’t be out until October. Humfph.

There are a few versions of Sherlock with women as the titular character. You are allowed to giggle at the word titular. I did. I always do. Not aloud, but inside, where it counts, that’s where I giggle. I also inside giggle when someone says the word ‘duty.’

Sherry Thomas’ version is by far my favorite. She has written extensively within the historical fiction genre (as well as a rousing YA sci-fi series). Thomas brings many aspects of the story to life. And her Charolette Holmes is a delightful character and how she gives us a ‘John Watson’ is no less than genius.

Give these books a try. They have been popular enough that most larger libraries should have them either on the shelf or available for kindle check out.

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