Blondies Box Mix

I’ve had a BRILLIANT idea. I was at Trader Joe’s buying ingredients to make a cake from scratch for the recipe challenge and I saw, below where I was trying to figure out if I could use agave syrup instead of corn syrup, three shelves of box mixes. There were scones and cakes and quick breads. I shoved the ingredients for the cake back onto the shelf and picked out 7 box mixes I thought I would enjoy making and then eating. When I am done making all the box mixes I will decide which ones were good and which ones were meh and then I will pick a winner!

I am so smart  sometimes I impress myself. I am always looking at those mixes but beside the brownie mix I never buy them. Well, I bought so many it looked hilarious so I took a picture of my cart for you to laugh at.

For our first mix I chose the Blondies Box Mix. I don’t really like blondies because I love brownies. But these were easy to throw together and they baked up very nice and even. Six loved them, he even patted me on the back and said I did a good job.

What more could I ask for? So if you have a Trader Joe’s near you and want a yummy treat or dessert or something to take to a party, give this mix a try. You will need eggs and a stick of butter and I think that’s it? Read the box before you leave the store, this is more than a just add water mix (although some of those are very good)

There is no recipe down here! And there’s only a bowl and maybe a spatula to wash when you are done. This is going to be a great summer.

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