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Felicia vs Instagram

Felicia vs. Instagram

I didn’t come to realize my potential for obsessive behavior until recently.  For most of my life I would have called myself “detail oriented” or “forward thinking” or “highly productive”.  These characteristics have typically worked out well for myself and my family. But the dark side of this behavior came into clear focus when we started Persistiny’s social media accounts, particularly Instagram.

I don’t tend toward the controlling or obsessive unless I deem something to be very important or very interesting.  Social media had never fallen into that category for me. Until about a year ago, I only used Facebook and/or Instagram to keep in touch with old friends, to post the occasional humble brag about my kids or to share political articles or funny memes.  I would go days, sometimes weeks without checking my profiles. It was lovely. Read more

to all the business books we sort of read

To All the Business Books We Sort of Read

Whenever I start something new, I get a book about it. So does Felicia. We are nerds, and this is what nerds tend to do. We read up and then we get started. Luckily for us, this new business idea we have is so far outside what we usually do, we would get about halfway through a book then stop because we reached the end of our understanding and had to go do things to catch up to the advice in the book. Read more

when your friends make good business sense

When Your Friends Make Good Business Sense

I went to high school with a large number of smart and very nice girls. I am sure there were mean girls but I was not one of them since, in high school, I was the human equivalent of a golden retriever.

As you know, Felicia and I went to junior high and high school together. We had many friends in common. One of them was (and still is) Christine Mount. When we started Persistiny, Christine’s name came up almost immediately as someone we wanted to work with. She is calm without being listless. And funny and good with money and BONUS knows all the good places to eat.

Christine is also very good at crafts. I am crap at crafts and so is Felicia. We have about an ounce and a half of crafting ability between us. I can kind of sew and one time Felicia made a truly impressive LEGO cake. That about covers it. Read more

flu defeats the focus group

Flu Defeats the Focus Group

For about 7 months, Felicia and I have been trying to set up focus groups to talk about a product we are designing. We came very close right around January but, if you read Monday’s post, you will know that I got the flu (along with thousands of others) and that defeated the focus group.

And we haven’t been able to get back on track since. Read more

First ladies do not get paid

First Ladies Don’t Get Paid: Unpaid Labor in the White House

What’s that you said? Did you hear that correctly? Yes, you did. First Ladies Do Not Get Paid. They are expected to be the social face of the nation, come up with a charity program, look trim, young for their age, and happy (but not too happy) all while supporting everything their husband does.

And, although I can’t believe we have to say this, don’t wear clothing with thoughtless slogans on it.

Oh Melania. When will the nightmare end? Read more

A Hillary kind of day

A Hillary of a Day


I have had a hell of a few years. My mom died, my marriage fell apart, my dad lived with me for a year, my kids have had some major challenges and I have a gained a significant amount of weight.

And Hillary lost. The fall out from that loss will be with this nation for generations. I wish I was overstating but I am not.

So it is not surprising that I have struggled with depression. Read more

Letting go

Letting Go

My oldest graduated from high school at the beginning of June.  His final year of high school was challenging and it was a major relief, for both of us, that that time in his life is over.  Rather than jumping straight into college, he’s decided to take a semester off before deciding what to do next. During that time off, he wants to travel the world and have experiences that aren’t centered around academics.   Read more

Raising boys

Raising Boys

Felicia has one son and I have two. Felicia has two daughters and I have none. Felicia has read many parenting books. I have read one parenting book, Dr. Spock. It was an older version I loaned to a friend of mine when Older Son was in 1st grade so it has been, hang on I have to do some math here…a long while since I read a parenting book. Read more

Releasing the dream of getting it all done

Releasing the Dream of Getting it all Done

I like lists. But I am beginning to think they aren’t all that good for me. Lists give me a false sense that it is possible to be done or through with the tasks involved with living.

Okay, it occurs to me (after having read the above sentence) that it isn’t the lists that are bad, it is the way I think about them. A list won’t ever control for the chaos that is living. A list can impose a mental framework from which I can manage my time and energy but that is all. Lists won’t make the passing of time and the changes that come easier. Read more

Persistiny Milestones

Persistiny Milestones

I often become focused on my lists and calendars and living into the future so much so that I often do not notice what I have accomplished. Felicia is, amazingly, more guilty of this than I am. What she can accomplish in a set amount of time is mind boggling.

So when we decided to start a business, it should have been obvious that we would have a collective blindspot when it came to keeping track of, stopping to recognize,  and celebrating our accomplishments.

Nope. Read more