Women with Tech

We’re intrigued by women who make tech, how women use tech, whether it enriches women’s lives, or makes them want to smash things. We’re particularly curious about mobile apps. Check in here for reviews and our thoughts on a variety of apps.


When I was a kid, there was always music playing in our house. My dad had one of those hilariously complicated stereo systems from the 70’s and since we moved all the time, he and I were constantly taking it apart and hooking it back up. He even had a reel to reel. It was fun to sprawl out on the floor in front of it and watch the wheels turn as the music played. Which, in a roundabout way, brings me to Spotify. Read more


I realized that I have been talking about all these tech products that I hardly ever use and ignoring the ones I use every day. No longer! So let’s talk about Netflix. I love Netflix. There is always, always, always something on. I am old enough to remember when TV ended. They called it the end of the broadcast day, played the national anthem and then there was a test pattern and nothing to watch until dawn. Read more

Food Delivery Apps

I am cheap. In my family we like to call it ‘careful with money’ except when we are talking about one of my cousins. Him we just call Scott.

Just kidding. Scott throws really nice parties and never skimps on the booze. And his wife is super nice. I never get to see her because she has kids and a job and I think there’s a dog in there somewhere. Read more

FedEx Small Business Grant Persistiny

FedEx Small Business Grant

We entered the FedEx Small Business Grant contest! What is that, you say? It’s a contest sponsored each year by FedEx. Qualifying companies can enter by filling out a short application starting February 1st through March 25th. Friends, family and fans of your business can vote once a day from February 27th through April 1st. The top 100 finalists are announced on April 5th. From those finalists, FedEx selects 10 winners, 1 gold who receives $50,000, 1 silver who receives $30,000 and 8 bronze winners who receive $15,000. Read more

Yousician, now with ukulele!

Ever wanted to learn a musical instrument? Magically found the hours upon hours needed to do it? Well, lucky for you there is Yousician, now with ukulele!

There is a free version, so you can try it to see if it is the right fit for you. There are lessons for guitar, bass, piano, ukulele and voice. And you can use it on iphone, android and PC. So it isn’t all just on your phone.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Barbara Wawas Instagram

Barbara WaWa’s Instagram

Older son has set up an instagram account for Barbara Wawa! It’s possible he did it so I would stop asking for pictures. No matter. Follow @realbarbarawalters and enjoy!

Ink, Mountains and Mystery

Ink, Mountains and Mystery is a beautiful game you can play on your phone, both iphone and android. It is a puzzle solving game with a storyline, two things I really like in a game. I attempted to play the game on my phone this week. I failed miserably. Not because the game was no good but because it has rained all week and I have been home which means my phone has spent most of its time in my purse or in the drawer of my nightstand. Read more


Just because no one reads physical books anymore (which isn’t true of me since I am a dinosaur) doesn’t mean your public library is no longer relevant. Meet Libby, the app that allows you to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks you check out from your local public library. (It just occurred to me that we should have a federal public library system that deals with all online resources.) Read more



I love Quizzitive. It is a fun little app game developed by the good people who bring you the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I will pause here to say how much I enjoy dictionary webpages. Oxford English Dictionary has a good one as well.

Read more

The Ann Friedman Weekly

The Ann Friedman Weekly is an email newsletter that settles gently into your inbox every Friday. Once opened, it is small. About one page, if you are looking at a 13ish inch screen. Friends and family, do not be fooled. If this thing was physical it would look like a murder board (those images of pictures cut and pasted onto a wall with a bunch of red strings connecting all the images in a bunch of different ways.) I have spent many happy hours clicking on all the links she includes. Lots of those links lead to other links. Last week I started reading about charismatic megafauna and three hours later I was taking a quiz to see which PowerPuff Girl I most resemble.

Buttercup. No one is surprised.