Women with Tech

We’re intrigued by women who make tech, how women use tech, whether it enriches women’s lives, or makes them want to smash things. We’re particularly curious about mobile apps. Check in here for reviews and our thoughts on a variety of apps.

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We Read Too

We Read Too is an app that connects young readers, from little kids to teens, with books written by authors of color featuring characters of color. Developed by Kaya Thomas while she was studying computer science at Dartmouth, the app communicates not only with readers but also with publishers and libraries. “We love to read, too, and want to see ourselves in the stories we read just like anyone else would.” Launched in 2014 when Thomas was only a sophomore (!), We Read Too has been growing steadily with the help of user recommendations that Thomas reviews before adding to the database. Read more

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If you want to make some of the recipes I have been stumbling and bumbling through, then head on over to barefootcontessa.com and start poking around. It is the best recipe webpage I have ever used. It is clean, easy to use, and it isn’t loaded with advertisemtns. I am leaving how badly I misspelled that word because I think you should know what a dunce I can be. Read more

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Khan Academy

You can learn anything.
For free. For everyone. Forever.

The first page of Khan Academy’s webpage has the above words front and center. Everytime I see it I get tears in my eyes. There are places in our shared world where people struggle daily for basic necessities. But, if they can get to a computer or smartphone with some power attached to it and some way to get online (these three hurdles are insurmountable in many parts of our shared world), a person can learn. An adult, a child, a teenager, exhausted new parents stuck awake with a fussy baby at two o’clock in the morning. Anyone, anywhere, at any time. Read more

Beautypedia Review


Years ago, a woman named Paula Begoun was on Oprah promoting a book called Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me. I was fascinated by what she was saying. Women spent millions and millions of dollars on lotions and make-up? My mom put baby oil on her face after a shower. She used lotion that came in a tall, yellow bottle we bought at Gemco. The parade of beautifully designed and packaged products was dizzying. My mom had none of this stuff. What the hell was it all for? A few years later I met Felicia and by extension her mom, Stephanie. Her mom had all sorts of stuff like the stuff I saw on Oprah. Read more

Felicia vs Instagram

Felicia vs. Instagram

I didn’t come to realize my potential for obsessive behavior until recently.  For most of my life I would have called myself “detail oriented” or “forward thinking” or “highly productive”.  These characteristics have typically worked out well for myself and my family. But the dark side of this behavior came into clear focus when we started Persistiny’s social media accounts, particularly Instagram.

I don’t tend toward the controlling or obsessive unless I deem something to be very important or very interesting.  Social media had never fallen into that category for me. Until about a year ago, I only used Facebook and/or Instagram to keep in touch with old friends, to post the occasional humble brag about my kids or to share political articles or funny memes.  I would go days, sometimes weeks without checking my profiles. It was lovely. Read more

Female Founders Fund Talent Crush

Female Founders Fund

An early-stage fund investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent.

That line is taken directly from the Female Founders Fund’s webpage. Sounds like a bunch of feel good bullshit business jargon, doesn’t it? And if the fund failed to deliver, it would be. Read more



I don’t ever look up symptoms on WebMD. Why, you might ask?

I have generalized anxiety disorder. I can be triggered in the frozen food section of a supermarket so a webpage dedicated to conjecture about everything that could possibly go wrong with everyone I love?

No thanks. Read more

Sister District Project

Sister District Project

There are many people who are already sick of the 2018 election. Well, if you are already sick of this election then it’s possible you don’t have much at stake in the outcome. Maybe for you not much changed when Trump was elected.

But for millions of people that hasn’t been the case. Read more



I have booked a room while walking through Disneyland with a 4 year old in the stroller. That is no small feat made much easier by Booking.com. Maybe too easy. I have booked so many rooms at the last minute simply to avoid a long morning drive…it’s embarrassing, but true. Booking.com is up there with Venmo and Yelp as apps that have made my life easier. I used Booking to make the reservation for the hotel room I am sitting in as I am writing this. Six got food poisoning and spent Friday being violently ill and I knew I had to work this weekend but I also knew I didn’t want Six to have to go to his dad’s because he isn’t quite as comfortable there as he is at home. So I knew I needed a last minute reservation and there’s music festivals and BET Experience going on in Southern California this weekend and I thought, “Well, we’ll spend a nice weekend in Monrovia. It’ll be fine.” Then Booking had a room at the Westin Bonaventure a groovy hotel built in 1974 (and absolutely looks it) and I grabbed it! It is horribly expensive and I totally can’t afford it but I really wanted to work and I really didn’t want to stay in Monrovia (although Monrovia has a lovely Old Town and it would have been fine). Read more

Pinterest Love


Oh Pinterest. What a time sink you are. And how I love you, mostly for leading me to Apartment Therapy home tours. I have to admit that I never look at Pinterest on my phone, it is laptop time sink only. And I mostly look at it when I am fooling myself that I am working. I am not.

The thing is, Pinterest has been useful. I needed an idea for how to corral Six’s art supplies and found a really good idea for an art cart. Here’s a funny story. When Six’s art supplies outgrew the art cart I gave the cart to Older Son who turned it into a bar. Read more