Felicia and Aileen

Middle Aged Photo Shoot

When Aileen and I decided to start a business, we realized that we were going to have to chose profile pics that didn’t have our kids in them, or weren’t random shots of our kid’s toys in funny, or inappropriate situations.  Damn. Not a single picture, for either one of us that was more recent than 1998. We did have lots of pictures of us looking at one another and laughing our asses off, but also not appropriate.

What to do?  We could snap some pics on our phone, but let’s be honest.  We’re both pretty confident ladies, but we’re also 45 years old and we wanted to look our best, without trying to look like we’re pretending to be 30.  We were also fully confident that our business idea was going to be massively successful and we would need photos to easily send out for all of the viral media coverage.  After a couple of cocktails, we decided to hire a photographer.

We found a local photographer with a fantastic portfolio who would for sure make us look equal parts intelligent, interesting and businessy.  Oh shit, what do people wear to look businessy? We’ve both been home with our kids for the majority of the last two decades. Pretty sure we need a blazer.  Time for a shopping trip.

We shopped and debated and tried to color coordinate (remember, we’re children of the 80s) and finally came up with a couple of possible outfit choices.  We made big plans to get our hair cut, nails done, learn how to do make up, etc. The first photo shoot was cancelled when one of our many collective children got a mild concussion at school.  By the time the rescheduled photo shoot date arrived, we were far more realistic and were simply happy to have clean hair.

Laurent arrived at our office and immediately put us at ease.  He was an absolute pro and made the whole experience fun, silly and lighthearted.  He stayed for two hours and we talked and laughed our way through all of the shots.  Before we even saw the final photos, we knew it was money well spent. Aside from the practicality of having appropriate photos, it was a valuable exercise to focus on ourselves as business owners and co-founders, outside of our roles as mothers.  Sometimes when you look the part, you start to feel the part. Ironically, our favorite photo was the one of us looking at one another, laughing our asses off. Oh well.

Photos by Laurent Leger Adame Photography.  If you live near the Central Coast of California and need a photographer, call him!

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