Not This Week: Part Two

It’s highly unlikely I’m going to get anything made this week. We went to a conference last week and yesterday I realized I failed to register Six for his next jujitsu class and so I feel tired and upset with myself. Some people go into the kitchen and cook to feel better. I go into the kitchen to get chips and then I watch TV or read to feel better.

There is a famous cookbook called The Joy of Cooking. I do not own it. The title throws me off. Is cooking joyful? There are times when I enjoy cooking but much like when my mom fried chicken, I have to be in a good mood. I have to already feel joy to cook. When I feel low or off in any way cooking only makes me feel put upon and overwhelmed.

Cooking is something that for many Americans used to be a necessity but through modern inventions has become a hobby or a performance. It’s like gardening. Or making your own clothes, soap, or any of the other shit people tell you to make on the internet. I once saw a thing where you could save all those plastic rounds that hold soda cans together then connect them all with twist ties and make a volleyball net.

The fuck?

Anyway, I am not cooking this week. I boiled some hot dogs yesterday and I made the usual breakfast sandwiches with the best device ever made for the kitchen. You put all the pieces of a breakfast into this little machine and 5 minutes later you have a breakfast sandwich. I love it very much.

The picture you see attached to this post is of a drink I made myself the day I wrote this post. Much has been made of the white wine mom and alcoholism and I would like to say that sometimes moms drink bourbon as well as white wine. Just depends on how much effort they want to put into gaining that 15 minutes of oblivion for the day.

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