For whatever reason, dairy is off the menu. Here are some easy and delicious recipes that do not rely on dairy to give them flavor.


spaghetti sauce recipe challenge

Spaghetti Sauce

I have no picture of the completed dish because I made it then Six and I ate it then we went swimming in my cousin’s pool and I totally didn’t realize I didn’t take a picture of it until a few minutes ago. But it’s useful to know that you only need the small amount of ingredients shown to make this sauce.

Aside from the chocolate cake, this is the only recipe Six ate. He was deeply suspicious of it, but he did eat it. I think he knew I was suffering from how hot it has been (it was 112 degrees yesterday) and took pity on me. He really liked it! Read more

Middle Eastern Salad Recipe Challenge

Middle Eastern Salad

My cousin broke her leg roller skating. It was such a bad break she was a minor celebrity at her orthopedic surgeon’s office. You do not ever want to be a minor celebrity because you broke your bones in a truly spectacular way. She’s been stuck in her bedroom for weeks. Her husband has been an outstanding caregiver but even he needed a break so I went over to babysit her for a few hours last Friday.

Since I can’t do one thing at a time, I decided to make one of my recipe challenges and have her try it.

She was so bored she readily agreed even though she knows for a fact that I am a hit or miss cook.

I made Contessa Garten’s Middle Eastern Salad. Read more

The perfect vodka soda

The Perfect Vodka Soda

Originally I was going to make apple pie bars for this week. But sometimes in life there is just not enough time for baking. But there is always time for a nice glass of fizzy water, vodka and slices of citrus. If there was ever a week in Felicia and my’s collective life that needed an adult beverage, it is this week. Maybe your week is going very well. Then you could celebrate with this simple and delicious libation! Unlike whiskey and tequila, which for me require a social occasion to break out, Vodka can come out of the cupboard on a Tuesday night and I still feel okay with my life choices. So here is the recipe. Read more