What the Hell are We Doing Here

What the hell are we doing here?

What the hell are we doing here? Well, a little history wouldn’t be amiss…

The two of us have been friends for a REALLY. LONG. TIME. More than 30 years. We are so lucky to have one another. We’ve provided each other support, through major life challenges, but also through the drudgery of everyday life, with unwavering encouragement, empathy and humor.

One day, in the midst of a typical sweary, bizarre text exchange, we came up with an idea for a mobile app business. Wouldn’t that be fun? We’ll make a kazillion dollars and make the world a better place at the same time. We laughed and went on with our lives.

A few months later, I was in the car listening to a podcast (this will be frequent narrative) and I heard an interview with Melinda Gates. She was talking about the economic impact of the unpaid labor that women do, every day, across the globe.  This idea was so obvious, but it was framed in a way I hadn’t considered before and directly related to the business idea we had.

So in typical fashion, I texted Aileen.  CALL ME!!!  I LEARNED SOMETHING IN A PODCAST!!!

Ring. Ring.

Felicia:  (in a very fast and excited voice)  “HEEELLLLO! Hey, you know that business idea we talked about months ago?”
Aileen: “Yeah.”
Felicia:  “We should DO it!  It’s a really good idea, I don’t think anyone else is doing it and you need to listen to the Call Your Girlfriend episode where Amina and Ann interview Melinda Gates.  It’s so amazing.”
Aileen:  “Sure.  I’m in.”

We met in Santa Monica and went to the Getty Villa.  We walked around pretending to look at the art for about a half an hour and then spent several hours at the cafe eating hummus, drinking wine and brainstorming.  We realized that in addition to our original app idea, we had half a dozen more ideas that were also compelling.

We holed up in a hotel room and came up with the name “Persistiny,” a made up word inspired by the BS Mitch McConnell pulled on Elizabeth Warren and the idea that we were going to have to jump some serious hurdles to do this and the greek art we had just seen and that the domain name was available.

We hired a lawyer to draft the business documents and Persistiny was born.

Great, now what?  We knew that our idea was good, but how to go about building an app and getting people to download it?  We realized that the strength behind the idea was in the community, the common experience that many women share through the unpaid labor they perform.  Clearly we needed to build the community first.  Let’s start this conversation and have some fun along the way.  We never stop thinking and we rarely stop talking, so let’s build a blog and social media platform where we not only share our story (which is one of white, liberal, cisgendered, heterosexual privilege), but let’s create a platform where women from all walks of life can talk about what unpaid labor means to them.  Of course, we’ll also talk about other things we love; food and booze and books and podcasts, mobile apps we like and mobile apps we hate, women we admire and let’s be honest, random thoughts that pop into our heads.

The whole idea here is to build a community, so if you’re interested in contributing to the conversation, reach out to us at  We truly hope to build a lively and interactive community, which is going to require many kinds of voices.

So that, my friends, is what the hell we are doing here.  We hope you’ll join us.

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You all know how I feel about podcasts. I love them so much, and I’m always searching for new and exciting additions to my feed. But every once in a while, a podcast comes along that is so good, you know you’re going to devour it the second it hits your feed. The Double Shift is one of those podcasts.

The Double Shift treats mothers as whole human beings, whose experiences are shaped by motherhood, not defined by it. That’s a pretty radical concept when you think about it. Once women in our culture become mothers, we become something different; less interesting, less professionally capable, less relevant.

Journalist and podcast creator, Katherine Goldstein, uses her expertise to change that narrative, by bringing richly reported stories of mothers from all walks of life – sex workers, politicians, musicians, daycare providers. Every episode treats the featured mothers with respect and paints a picture of their unique, beautiful lives.

When Goldstein had trouble getting any of the major podcast networks to pick up The Double Shift, she turned to fellow journalist and motherhood advocate, Amy Westerfield. Westerfield wrote one of my favorite books about motherhood, Forget Having it All. She also runs the Critical Frequency Podcast Network, a women-owned company that seeks to elevate underrepresented voices in podcasting.

And there we have the beauty of mothers supporting other mothers. The Double Shift found a home within an inclusive, supportive podcast network and we get to hear stories about women like Village Auntie, Angelica Lindsey-Ali. Listen to that episode. It is so, so good.

You can be a part of the movement of mothers supporting other mothers by joining The Double Shift’s new membership platform. For $5 per month, you help The Double Shift team bring quality journalism about mothers to the airwaves, get amazing bonus content and access to an upcoming private members-only community. Join me, if only so that we can talk about the bonus Lindsey-Ali content!

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