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Forget Having It All

Forget “Having it All”

If you’re a woman who uses the internet, you’ve likely seen the quote that mothers are expected “to work as though they don’t have kids and parent as if they don’t have jobs.” If you’re like me, when this popped up in your feed, you hit like then scrolled through the comments to see responses like “THIS!”, “YES!”, “TRUTH!”, and a variety of enthusiastic hand gesture emojis.The quote that seems to have hit a nerve for so many women comes from the excellent book, Forget “Having It All”, How America Messed Up Motherhood – and How to Fix It, by Amy Westervelt. Westervelt does a deep dive into the history of motherhood in America and when I say deep, I’m not kidding around. Read more

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Want a really good research tool that isn’t Wikipedia. No shame, I love wikipedia, I just used it to write about Alice Bowman. Anyway. If you want to start slow on a topic, go directly to the juvenile nonfiction section of your local library and there you will find adult topics with training wheels. Thin books with lots of pictures and simplified sentences describing complicated ideas. In books written for younger readers the authors aren’t trying to impress their colleagues or their haters. All they are trying to do it convey the essence of the topic. And this brings us to Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky. Read more

stuff mom never told you

Stuff Mom Never Told You

“Tune in to Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast to hear host Anney Reese keep it real with a research-driven rundown of the ever-evolving challenges facing women today and throughout history, paired with smart, strategic solutions to further women’s lives, careers, and activism.” Read more

Shrill on Hulu

Shrill on Hulu is an excellent series I think people will enjoy watching. It’s hilarious and heart rending and absolutely  perfect for spring. The first few minutes had me laughing and nodding my head. 15 minutes later and my heart was breaking for Annie (Aidy Bryant). Read more

Work Like a Woman Reading Challenge

Work Like a Woman

Work Like a Woman, by Mary Portas is part autobiography, part political commentary and part, as she says, a manifesto for change. Read more

When I Look in the Mirror

When I Look in the Mirror

When I look in the mirror, I see my mother’s face. I knew this would happen. I share a remarkable amount of physical characteristics with her. My hands look so much like hers, I used to joke that when I looked at them, I felt the urge to smack myself for my generally disrespectful tone of voice. I have a mole near my left shoulder that is exactly the same as the one my mom had. And, despite the fact I am taller and paler than she ever was, I look exactly like her. EXACTLY. Read more



Reset by Ellen Pao is a good first of the year read. It will get you fired up to start that business you have always wanted to get off the ground. Why? If Pao’s book is anything to go by, and I believe it is, the business world needs you! It needs people who are not intimidated by the idea of diversity  in positions of influence. Read more

Keeping Track of it All

Keeping Track of it All

We hear it all the time from our friends and see it on social media. Women are frazzled and overwhelmed by everything they are expected to do. Whether you stay home full time with your children, or work outside of the home, we know your days and nights are filled with endless tasks. The work you do to care for your families is important and valuable, but often times that work gets overlooked. Read more

So you want to talk about race reading challenge

So You Want to Talk About Race

Given the abysmal voting practice of white women in the midterm election, it was clear to me that I needed to brush up on my talking points around race. There is obviously so much work to be done.  I was frankly floored that white women voted for conservative white men at rates higher than in the 2016 Presidential election. Shocking considering the garbage pulled by the current administration. Read more