Shrill on Hulu

Shrill on Hulu is an excellent series I think people will enjoy watching. It’s hilarious and heart rending and absolutely  perfect for spring. The first few minutes had me laughing and nodding my head. 15 minutes later and my heart was breaking for Annie (Aidy Bryant). Read more

Gov. Janet Mills

Gov Janet Mills

Gov Janet Mills signed Executive Order 1 on her second day as Governor of Maine, making 70,000 more Mainers eligible for health insurance. The former governor, Paul LePage, refused to expand Medicaid coverage even though the population of Maine voted to expand it during his tenure. Read more

Girl Clear Your Browsing Data

Girl, Clear Your Browsing Data

It just occurred to me a few minutes ago that I should really clear my browsing data.

Why, you might ask? Well, thanks for asking! Read more

Work Like a Woman Reading Challenge

Work Like a Woman

Work Like a Woman, by Mary Portas is part autobiography, part political commentary and part, as she says, a manifesto for change. Read more

FedEx Small Business Grant Persistiny

FedEx Small Business Grant

We entered the FedEx Small Business Grant contest! What is that, you say? It’s a contest sponsored each year by FedEx. Qualifying companies can enter by filling out a short application starting February 1st through March 25th. Friends, family and fans of your business can vote once a day from February 27th through April 1st. The top 100 finalists are announced on April 5th. From those finalists, FedEx selects 10 winners, 1 gold who receives $50,000, 1 silver who receives $30,000 and 8 bronze winners who receive $15,000. Read more

We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live

We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live

If you have read Hunter S. Thompson and not Joan Didion then you, along with me, are in the majority. Thompson made for good copy. He was a lunatic who had a hell of a way with words. When movie stars pay to have your ashes shot out of a canon then you were definitely a personality as well as a writer. Many writers were. Fitzgerald. Twain. A bunch of other men. Read more

Kyrsten Sinema

Nancy Pelosi

The look on her face when she clapped at him. Oh, Nancy Pelosi. You give us hope.

To see a woman in a white suit do that in front of the whole wide world…I can’t come up with a reaction that isn’t just swearing interspersed with maniacal laughter.

Thank you, Nancy. 

I'm Just as Surprised as You

Time Flies When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

This week marks the first anniversary of Felicia and I writing these little notes and sending them out into the universe. Time flies when you have no idea what you’re doing.

Going back over the past year of posts, I am very proud of what we have accomplished. Sure, the grammar gets a little dicey and I really need to shorten my sentences but on the whole, well done us! Read more



There are books that have been calling to me to read them for years and Persepolis is one of them. Written and drawn by Marjean Satrapi, Persepolis is the autobiography of a young girl who grows into a young woman  while witnessing the changes in Iran beginning in the 70’s and how those changes shaped the life not only of Satrapi and her friends and family but the entire world. Read more

Lauren Underwood

Lauren Underwood

Rep. Lauren Underwoodis an American nurse and politician who serves as the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 14th congressional district as a member of the Democratic Party.” Thank you to wikipedia for that sentence. There are some very good links in there. As the youngest black woman ever elected to Congress, people might think she has a lot of catching up to do. Not so. Underwood  worked in the Obama Administration in 2014 and later worked as a Senior Advisor at the Department of Health and Human Services, back in the days when the Secretary of HHS actually cared about the well-being of their fellow Americans. Read more