Elena Kagan Talent Crush

Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Let us pause in our praise of Notorious RBG for just a moment and have a look down the bench at Elena Kagan. Forget she has to sit next to the new guy who, let’s face it, not everyone is particularly thrilled with, and get to know Justice Kagan. She worked for Bill Clinton so some people don’t like her for that. She’s never been a trial lawyer so some people have a problem with her for that. She was appointed by President Obama. She’s Jewish. She went to Princeton, Oxford and Harvard. Oh my God! She was born in Manhattan?

The strikes are piling up here. East coast elite, Ivory tower, out of touch with the common man…blah-bidity-blah-bidity-blah. Read more

Bail Reform

Bail Reform

Google and the Koch brothers walk into a Washington D.C. conference room… The beginning of a weird, wonky beltway joke? Nope. It actually happened. On Tuesday, May 8th 2018, these two often diametrically opposed groups announced their joint endeavour to agitate for the overhaul of the for profit bail system that exists in the majority of states.

No matter who you are in America, the bail system impacts your life. If you or someone you love has been arrested then you know first hand how financially devastating the for profit bail system can be. If you have enough money to post bail outright then maybe it isn’t as much of a hardship but very few families can absorb that kind of an expense. The vast majority of American families must turn to a bail bonds company of one kind or another. No matter if you or yours are found innocent or guilty, you are on the hook for the fees and generally high interest loans needed to post bail. Read more

We Should All Be Feminists Reading Challenge

We Should All Be Feminists

Here I am again, with someone I greatly admire yet feel unequal to encapsulating in words. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks not only for herself but for all of us. We Should All Be Feminists is short, to the point and worth reading more than once. Adichie talks about feminism but also about what it means to be uniquely herself and a feminist. Read more

Pantsuit Nation podcast love

Pantsuit Nation Podcast

The Pantsuit Nation podcast is a spin off from the wildly popular Facebook group formed by Libby Chamberlain during the 2016 Presidential election.  She created the group in late October 2016 to invite 30 friends to wear pantsuits to the polls in honor of Hillary Clinton’s signature attire.  Within 24 hours the group skyrocketed to 24,000 members and by election day there were close to 3 million members. Read more

we interrupt this blog to bring you our political leanings

We Interrupt This Blog to Bring You Our Political Leanings

If you’ve read a single blog post, or even our social media profile, it won’t be a surprise to you that we are feminists.  Some people have trouble with that word, but I have a hard time understanding the aversion. I love the word feminist. To me it evokes power and purpose toward a more equitable society.  What could be better?! Read more

Madeleine Albright Talent Crush

Madeleine Albright

If ever I needed someone to tell me what to do about North Korea, I would choose Madeleine Albright. Few people know as much about fascist regimes as Albright. Like millions of people, Albright’s life was shaped by the violence of fascist regimes in the early half of the 20th century. Albright was the first female Secretary of State. She also oversaw some of the more controversial decisions the Clinton administration made, both at the U.N. and as Secretary of State. Read more

Political Education

Political Education

People inherit most everything about themselves from their parents. Genetically, we get what we get from the people who spawned us and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. But what about the nurture side of the equation? Specifically, what about the political aspect of nurture?

I am a Democrat. I never met my maternal grandmother but according to my mom and aunt, she was a “dyed in the wool Republican.” She also died in 1957, and I find it hard to believe that she would have stuck with the the Republican party. My grandmother was deeply suspicious of organized religion. So would a woman who thought religion was for the weak have stuck with a party that embraced Christianity to such a high degree? Read more

Discovery Of Witches

Lindy West

For those of you not familiar with Lindy West, she is a very, very funny comedian and an excellent writer. What’s even more impressive, is that she has taken those skills and uses them as tools for political activism. Lindy isn’t afraid to speak up on notoriously difficult subjects like abortion, rape jokes and fat shaming. Well, maybe she is afraid, but she does it anyway and we’ve all agreed that means she’s brave.

Read more

The Steal

The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting

I wanted to be more engaged with The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting than I was. The problem was not with the author but rather with the lack of concrete information publicly available about America’s shoplifting epidemic. Retailers who pay for the research aren’t inclined to share the findings with their customers.

Available research (scant as it is) regarding shoplifting in America has two clear conclusions. Roughly 10% of Americans shoplift and there is no such thing as a typical shoplifter. Young men of color are arrested more often than any other demographic but when Americans self-reported their shoplifting habits all races and genders are represented. Read more

Our march experience

Our March Experience

Our March Experience began years before the actual event. It began with the many mistakes we made. As privileged white ladies, we never really needed to be truly engaged with politics. We read about issues, voted in every election and patted ourselves on the back accordingly.

Like many Americans, we were shocked and dismayed by the entire 2016 Presidential election cycle. We were appalled by the hateful and misogynistic rhetoric coming from certain quarters of the right. But, like so many with privilege, we were sure that our own version of good would prevail.  Not only were we dangerously naive, we were super wrong. Read more