The Great Courses Plus

Alright, nerds. Take this down. You can have access to The Great Course Plus, which is a streaming service full of lectures about everything you have ever wanted to know about, for 10 bucks a month (30 dollars every three months).

What courses are there, you might ask?

Knitting 101

Language Families of the World

The Roman Empire

Introduction to Astrophysics

Understanding Russia: A Cultural History

Guide to Wines of California

The Essential Guide to Italy

And that is just a short list of the newer lectures. I cannot tell you how much I love this service. Aside from spotify and Netflix, this is the thing I turn on. If you are interested in a topic, they more than likely have a lecture about it. You can also listen to the lectures like you would a podcast so if you drive a lot or like to listen to podcasts at work, this might be for you and the price cannot be beat! We are getting absolutely no money or perks for recommending The Great Course Plus to you so be assured that this is the real nerdy deal.

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