Tiffany Haddish

The first time I ever heard of Tiffany Haddish I was “borrowing” someone else’s Showtime and I saw her comedy special.

Mesmerizing. Was she funny? Yes. She was also wholly present, inhabiting every square inch of her body. Haddish has so much charisma it shimmers off of her and lights up everything around her.

And then I saw her in Girls Trip and thought, “It’s her! The woman who glows!” If you have not seen Haddish’s character dealing with her boss, I encourage to watch it. It’s a highlight of a movie full of them.

Much has been made and should be made of how Haddish survived and thrived during her difficult childhood. If you are a black woman and you manage to reach the top of your field you have to be thousands of times better than everyone you passed to get there. She is a joy to watch in everything she does and I am dearly hoping she is in the process of writing and or producing (dare we hope one day directing) original work. I would love to meet her version of her grandmama.

And if you have Netflix and have not watched The Last O.G. then stop whatever adult crap you are doing and go watch it.


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